Cumbria Butterfly Sightings: Ringlet

There have been significant changes to the restrictions brought in to reduce the spread of coronavirus. It is now possible for butterfly and moth recording to resume for people who are not shielding or self-isolating. Recorders must, at all times, continue to observe social distancing guidelines. If you have coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home. Although travel restrictions within the UK have now been lifted, local restrictions may be in place as a response to coronavirus outbreaks. Please check for and comply with any local restrictions when planning or undertaking recording activities. More information can be found on the Butterfly Conservation website.

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Date Species Number Site Town Grid Ref. V. County Recorder Comment Image
20 Jun 2020 Mountain Ringlet 4 Grey Knotts Honister pass NY215126 VC70 Cumberland Paula Hale
20 Jun 2020 Mountain Ringlet 7 Grey Knotts (NW slopes) Honister pass NY216128 VC70 Cumberland Paula Hale Seen from path to Brandreth from Honister Slate Mine.
20 Jun 2020 Mountain Ringlet 3 Grey Knotts / Brandreth Honister pass NY215123 VC70 Cumberland Paula Hale
22 Jun 2019 Mountain Ringlet 16 Grey Knotts / Brandreth Honister NY217123 VC70 Cumberland Jeremy Bartlett Between the summits of Grey Knotts and Brandreth
19 Jun 2019 Mountain Ringlet 2 Grey Knotts Honistor Pass NY2112 VC70 Cumberland Melissa Minter
23 Jun 2018 Mountain Ringlet 6 Grey Knotts Honister NY210120 VC70 Cumberland Ian Watts Around 5pm. Sporadic, hazy sunshine.
7 Jun 2018 Mountain Ringlet 13 Grey Knotts Honister NY211121 VC70 Cumberland Pat Appleton Wall to wall sunshine, at noon
12 Jul 2017 Mountain Ringlet 1 Grey Knotts Honister NY215123 VC70 Cumberland Rosa Menendez
12 Jul 2017 Mountain Ringlet 1 Grey Knotts Honister NY214124 VC70 Cumberland Rosa Menendez
12 Jul 2017 Mountain Ringlet 1 Grey Knotts Honister NY215121 VC70 Cumberland Rosa Menendez
25 Jun 2016 Mountain Ringlet 3 Brandreth Honister NY213124 VC70 Cumberland Patrick Moore One very worn individual seen (and photographed), then two in (...)
9 Jul 2015 Mountain Ringlet 1 Grey Knotts Buttermere (south east of) NY218124 VC70 Cumberland Carol Dent Seen 15.40 at top of Grey Knotts. GR corrected by MT 03/11/15
7 Jul 2014 Mountain Ringlet 50 Brandreth/Grey Knotts Seathwaite Duddon Valley NY2112 VC70 Cumberland Mark Starting around NY218133 and then looking between NY214118