Cumbria Butterfly Sightings: Ringlet

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Date Species Number Site Town Grid ref. Recorder Comment Image
3 Jul 2019 Mountain Ringlet 97 Hartsop Dodd Penrith NY412118 Stephen Matthewman In the mile from Stony Cove Pike to Hartsop Dodd
28 Jun 2019 Mountain Ringlet 384 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop Dodd NY410118 Tom Dunbar Widespread colony. Perfect weather. Probably an undercount. 20269.jpeg
27 Jun 2019 Mountain Ringlet 100 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop NY411118 Ian Watts Very warm, 100% sun, strong breeze. The largest concentration (...) 20249.jpeg
26 Jun 2019 Mountain Ringlet 116 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop NY4111 Michael Colquhoun During a two hour circular walk around the summit. Almost (...)
22 Jun 2019 Mountain Ringlet 22 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop NY411119 Matthew Ross Flying on ridge path up and all around summit. Most very fresh. 19850.jpeg
18 Jun 2019 Mountain Ringlet 50 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop NY4111 Ian Wilson Flying in abundance just south of the bare rock and on the steep (...) 19645.jpeg
8 Jun 2018 Mountain Ringlet 6 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop NY412118 Zoe Shreeve right at the top by the cairn mainly on the wing
7 Jun 2018 Mountain Ringlet 6 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop NY412118 Zoe Shreeve right at the top by the cairn mainly on the wing 13905.jpeg
25 Jun 2017 Mountain Ringlet 84 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop NY415111 Tom Dunbar Brief sunny spells. Joint survey with Alan Wingrove.
18 Jun 2017 Mountain Ringlet 60 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop NY412117 Martin Partridge At least 60 in good condition seen in very warm and at times (...)
3 Jun 2017 Mountain Ringlet 3 Hartsop Dodd Hartsop NY412117 Rosa Menendez
15 Jul 2015 Mountain Ringlet 61 Hartsop Dodd Patterdale NY4111 Peter Howard along ridge between saddle and summit - 3/4 on east side of (...)
9 Jul 2015 Mountain Ringlet 90 Hartsop Dodd Patterdale NY4111 Martin Tordoff Count on my UKBMS single species transect, average altitude (...)
26 Jun 2014 Mountain Ringlet 44 Hartsop Dodd Ullswater NY4111 Andrew Cockroft Got there at 11.20 nothing till the sun came out at 12.20.
20 Jun 2014 Mountain Ringlet 10 Caudale Moor Ambleside NY4111 Roger Fellows A bit late in the afternoon, I think they were heading for bed. (...)
18 Jun 2014 Mountain Ringlet 98 Hartsop Dodd Ullswater NY4111 Martin Tordoff Counted under UKBMS transect conditions - at least half as many (...)
13 Jun 2014 Mountain Ringlet 3 Hartsop Dodd Brotherswater NY411117 Martin Tordoff First MR sightings in 2014, on second weekly UKBMS transect of (...) 601.jpeg