Cumbria Butterfly Sightings: Ringlet

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Date Species Number Site Town Grid ref. Recorder Comment Image
5 Aug 2019 Ringlet 1 Farrer's Allotment Levens SD4545985795 Richard Evans 40-minute circuit near to cowshed. 20% sun.
15 Jul 2019 Ringlet 11 Brigsteer Park Wood Levens SD4857987801 Richard Evans Most in lower ride.
15 Jul 2019 Ringlet 14 Flashbank Wood Levens SD4887487976 Richard Evans
1 Jul 2019 Ringlet 2 Foulshaw Moss Witherslack SD4629884601 Richard Evans On CWT work party in far northeastern part of reserve. Cloudy (...)
27 Jun 2019 Ringlet 4 Low Dale Park Rusland SD3587791496 Richard Evans 100% sun, 23c. Forest road above Thwaite Head Fell.
27 Jun 2019 Ringlet 2 Thwaite Head Fell Rusland SD3556491200 Richard Evans 100% sun, 23c.
24 Jun 2019 Ringlet 17 Latterbarrow Nature Reserve Witherslack SD440828 Richard Evans 3.15-3.45pm, overcast, 20c.
23 Jun 2019 Ringlet 2 Holme Park Fell Clawthorpe SD5383979086 Richard Evans Hazy Sun, 18c, windy.
30 Jul 2018 Ringlet 12 Howe Ridding Woods Witherslack SD434879 Richard Evans All rather faded. 16035.jpeg
8 Jul 2018 Ringlet 200 High Borrowdale Shap NY5556103632 Richard Evans Wet meadows either side of beck alive with Ringlets and (...)
24 Jun 2018 Ringlet 12 Holme Stinted Pastures Burton-in-Kendal SD536786 Richard Evans 14469.jpeg
16 Aug 2017 Ringlet 3 Brigsteer Park Wood Brigsteer SD485878 Richard Evans 10% sun.
15 Aug 2017 Ringlet 1 Howe Ridding Woods Witherslack SD435871 Richard Evans 11739.jpeg
17 Jul 2017 Ringlet 4 Latterbarrow Witherslack Witherslack SD440828 Richard Evans 9.30 - 10.00, sunny.
26 Jun 2017 Ringlet 80 Latterbarrow Witherslack Witherslack SD439827 Richard Evans Dozens, in every sunny patch. 9951.jpeg
25 Jun 2017 Ringlet 6 Holme Stinted Pastures Clawthorpe SD542787 Richard Evans 4.00PM, sun/cloud. 9962.jpeg