Cumbria Butterfly Sightings: Ringlet

IMPORTANT: We can continue to receive your sightings but please remember that, in accordance with current UK Government restrictions, you MUST NOT make any journeys away from home in order to record butterflies and moths, as these would be considered non-essential journeys. More information on recording during the current circumstances can be found on the Butterfly Conservation website.

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Date Species Number Site Town Grid ref. Recorder Comment Image
5 Aug 2019 Ringlet 1 Farrer's Allotment Levens SD4545985795 Richard Evans 40-minute circuit near to cowshed. 20% sun.
15 Jul 2019 Ringlet 11 Brigsteer Park Wood Levens SD4857987801 Richard Evans Most in lower ride.
15 Jul 2019 Ringlet 14 Flashbank Wood Levens SD4887487976 Richard Evans
1 Jul 2019 Ringlet 2 Foulshaw Moss Witherslack SD4629884601 Richard Evans On CWT work party in far northeastern part of reserve. Cloudy (...)
27 Jun 2019 Ringlet 4 Low Dale Park Rusland SD3587791496 Richard Evans 100% sun, 23c. Forest road above Thwaite Head Fell.
27 Jun 2019 Ringlet 2 Thwaite Head Fell Rusland SD3556491200 Richard Evans 100% sun, 23c.
24 Jun 2019 Ringlet 17 Latterbarrow Nature Reserve Witherslack SD440828 Richard Evans 3.15-3.45pm, overcast, 20c.
23 Jun 2019 Ringlet 2 Holme Park Fell Clawthorpe SD5383979086 Richard Evans Hazy Sun, 18c, windy.
30 Jul 2018 Ringlet 12 Howe Ridding Woods Witherslack SD434879 Richard Evans All rather faded. 16035.jpeg
8 Jul 2018 Ringlet 200 High Borrowdale Shap NY5556103632 Richard Evans Wet meadows either side of beck alive with Ringlets and (...)
24 Jun 2018 Ringlet 12 Holme Stinted Pastures Burton-in-Kendal SD536786 Richard Evans 14469.jpeg
16 Aug 2017 Ringlet 3 Brigsteer Park Wood Brigsteer SD485878 Richard Evans 10% sun.
15 Aug 2017 Ringlet 1 Howe Ridding Woods Witherslack SD435871 Richard Evans 11739.jpeg
17 Jul 2017 Ringlet 4 Latterbarrow Witherslack Witherslack SD440828 Richard Evans 9.30 - 10.00, sunny.
26 Jun 2017 Ringlet 80 Latterbarrow Witherslack Witherslack SD439827 Richard Evans Dozens, in every sunny patch. 9951.jpeg
25 Jun 2017 Ringlet 6 Holme Stinted Pastures Clawthorpe SD542787 Richard Evans 4.00PM, sun/cloud. 9962.jpeg