Cumbria Day-Flying Moth Sightings: Psyche casta

There have been significant changes to the restrictions brought in to reduce the spread of coronavirus. It is now possible for butterfly and moth recording to resume for people who are not shielding or self-isolating. Recorders must, at all times, continue to observe social distancing guidelines. If you have coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home. Although travel restrictions within the UK have now been lifted, local restrictions may be in place as a response to coronavirus outbreaks. Please check for and comply with any local restrictions when planning or undertaking recording activities. More information can be found on the Butterfly Conservation website.

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Sightings Display Advanced Mode Help

The advanced mode allows more general matching and querying of records than the basic mode.

The drop-down menus for each of the fields contain the unique values for that field within the currently selected set of records. Selecting a match value for a field and clicking the Update button will refresh the table to display only those records which match the selected field value. Selecting * for a field matches all records for that field, rather than those with a particular value.

Selecting a single new match criterion before clicking the Update button guarantees that there is at least one record which matches the criteria. Selecting more than one new match criteria before clicking the Update button carries a risk that there will be no records which match the updated criteria. In this case, clicking the Update button will restore all sightings to the table.

Values can be added or removed from the match criteria by clicking on the field value in the table.

The Comments drop-down menu allows the records associated with particular hash-tags to be displayed.

The Image column contains links to any images submitted with a sighting. Clicking the link will display the image and sorting the sightings on Image will group those sightings with images together.

An additional sightings match criteria based on distance to some datum location can be specified via the Datum and Metres input boxes. If specified, only those sightings within the distance to the datum will be displayed, in combination with the drop-down mach criteria. The Datum input accepts grid references and more general geographic information such as place names. The map-based views display the circle corresponding to the Datum and Metres values in which the sightings are contained.

Information on items which can be activated by clicking the mouse can be found by hovering with the mouse cursor over the item.

Other modes for querying sightings data can be selected by choosing a value from the Mode drop-down menu and clicking the Update button.

Other means for viewing sightings data can be selected by choosing a value from the View drop-down menu and clicking the Update button.

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