Cumbria Day-Flying Moth Sightings: Brimstone Moth

There have been significant changes to the restrictions brought in to reduce the spread of coronavirus. It is now possible for butterfly and moth recording to resume for people who are not shielding or self-isolating. Recorders must, at all times, continue to observe social distancing guidelines. If you have coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home. Although travel restrictions within the UK have now been lifted, local restrictions may be in place as a response to coronavirus outbreaks. Please check for and comply with any local restrictions when planning or undertaking recording activities. More information can be found on the Butterfly Conservation website.

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Date Species Number Site Town Grid Ref. V. County Recorder Comment Image
25 Jun 2020 Brimstone Moth 1 Ormsgill Slag Banks Barrow-in-Furness SD192712 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace 9.30-10.25. 24c. 100% sun, wind 2.
2 Jun 2020 Brimstone Moth 1 Garden Holmrook SD079994 VC70 Cumberland Tim Wayman daytime flying between hawthorn trees.
28 May 2020 Brimstone Moth 1 Garden Uldale NY249368 VC70 Cumberland Lorna Swift Flying mid afternoon and settling on hydrangea leaves
15 Aug 2019 Brimstone Moth 1 Home garden Troutbeck Cumbria NY414007 VC69 Westmorland Stephen Sutton 23141.jpeg
23 Jul 2019 Brimstone Moth 1 Wart Barrow Allithwaite SD392766 VC69 Westmorland Martin Chadwick 75 minutes observation in mid afternoon. temp 26.
21 May 2019 Brimstone Moth 1 Sands Rd Ulverston SD289766 VC69 Westmorland Charles Penfold Rescued from birdbath in garden
17 Jul 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 62 Sands Rd Ulverston SD289766 VC69 Westmorland Charles Penfold Sat on pyrocanthus in back garden
1 Jun 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 Gurnal Dubs lane Burneside SD504988 VC69 Westmorland John Mounsey Heavy overcast, thundery, 22 deg. C.
30 May 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 Hedgerow Ulverston SD284763 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace 7.45am.
28 May 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 Calvert Court Endmoor SD538847 VC69 Westmorland Brian
13 Mar 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 Finglandrigg Wood Kirkbampton NY274563 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy Brimstone Moth larva suggested by Steve Ogden at (...) 12639.jpeg
12 Jun 2017 Brimstone Moth 5 Garden Penrith NY499267 VC69 Westmorland Sarah Mitchell At least 4 flying around the garden and 1 on a wall. 10.45 p.m.
1 Jun 2017 Brimstone Moth 1 Stanwix garden Carlisle NY402572 VC70 Cumberland Martin Keiller 9542.jpeg
28 Apr 2017 Brimstone Moth 1 Allonby garden Allonby NY082435 VC70 Cumberland John Callion
22 Jun 2016 Brimstone Moth 2 Gait Barrows NNR Silverdale SD481771 VC60 West Lancashire Janet Mayes 10;30 very hot 5835.jpeg
15 Aug 2015 Brimstone Moth 1 Halecat Woods Witherslack SD431833 VC69 Westmorland David and Margaret Eastlick # Brimstone Moth not considered a day flying moth but easily (...)