Cumbria Day-Flying Moth Sightings: Brimstone Moth

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Date Species Number Site Town Grid ref. Recorder Comment Image
15 Aug 2019 Brimstone Moth 1 Home garden Troutbeck Cumbria NY414007 Stephen Sutton 23141.jpeg
23 Jul 2019 Brimstone Moth 1 Wart Barrow Allithwaite SD392766 Martin Chadwick 75 minutes observation in mid afternoon. temp 26.
21 May 2019 Brimstone Moth 1 Sands rd Ulverston SD289766 Charles Penfold Rescued from birdbath in garden
17 Jul 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 62 Sands Rd Ulverston SD289766 Charles Penfold Sat on pyrocanthus in back garden
1 Jun 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 Gurnal Dubs lane Burneside SD504988 John Mounsey Heavy overcast, thundery, 22 deg. C.
30 May 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 Hedgerow Ulverston SD284763 Helen Wallace 7.45am.
28 May 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 Calvert Court Endmoor SD538847 Brian & Lindsey Snell
27 May 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 Farrer's Allotment Witherslack SD457858 Tom and Felix Fitter
13 Mar 2018 Brimstone Moth 1 Finglandrigg Wood Kirkbampton NY274563 Paul Kennedy Brimstone Moth larva suggested by Steve Ogden at (...) 12639.jpeg
12 Jun 2017 Brimstone Moth 5 Garden Penrith NY499267 Sarah Mitchell At least 4 flying around the garden and 1 on a wall. 10.45 p.m.
1 Jun 2017 Brimstone Moth 1 Stanwix (garden) Carlisle NY402572 Martin Keiller 9542.jpeg
28 Apr 2017 Brimstone Moth 1 Allonby garden Allonby NY082435 John Callion
22 Jun 2016 Brimstone Moth 2 Gait Barrows NNR Silverdale SD481771 Janet Mayes 10;30 very hot 5835.jpeg
15 Aug 2015 Brimstone Moth 1 Halecat Woods Witherslack SD431833 David and Margaret Eastlick # Brimstone Moth not considered a day flying moth but easily (...)