Cumbria Day-Flying Moth Sightings: Magpie

There have been significant changes to the restrictions brought in to reduce the spread of coronavirus. It is now possible for butterfly and moth recording to resume for people who are not shielding or self-isolating. Recorders must, at all times, continue to observe social distancing guidelines. If you have coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home. Although travel restrictions within the UK have now been lifted, local restrictions may be in place as a response to coronavirus outbreaks. Please check for and comply with any local restrictions when planning or undertaking recording activities. More information can be found on the Butterfly Conservation website.

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Date Species Number Life Stage Site Town Grid Ref. V. County Recorder Comment Image
16 Aug 2020 Magpie 1 Adult Road to Priory Crossing Ulverston SD296770 VC69 Charles Penfold Verge under hedge at side of road 28767.jpeg
12 Aug 2020 Magpie 1 Adult Low Ploughlands Kirkbampton NY27845672 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy In a hedge. 28649.jpeg
30 Jul 2020 Magpie 1 Adult Wall of house in West Avenue Wigton NY257476 VC70 Cumberland Mike Porter
18 Jul 2020 Magpie 1 Adult Garden Ulverston SD287766 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace Newly emerged.
16 Jul 2020 Magpie 1 Adult House Carlisle NY432547 VC70 Cumberland Bethany Graham 27643.jpeg
8 Jul 2020 Clouded Magpie 1 Adult Gelt Woods Brampton NY53155750 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy Found by the River Gelt on ferns in deep shade. 27441.jpeg
21 Jun 2020 Magpie 1 Larva Garden Ulverston SD287766 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace Magpie larva on sedum 26845.jpeg
8 Jun 2020 Clouded Magpie 5 Adult Smardale Gill Kirkby Stephen NY727071 VC69 Westmorland David Nattrass In the woodland down by Scandal beck - all resting on leaves (...) 26342.jpeg
1 Jun 2020 Small Magpie 1 Adult Yew Tree Tarn Coniston NY322004 VC69 Westmorland Pete Martin
1 Aug 2019 Magpie 1 Adult Finglandrigg Wood Kirkbampton NY27725669 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy 22373.jpeg
25 Jul 2019 Magpie 1 Adult Ulverston inside house Ulverston SD287766 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace In bathroom.
15 Jun 2019 Small Magpie 1 Adult Garden Ulverston SD287766 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace
12 Aug 2018 Magpie 1 Adult Aikbank Waverton NY228013 VC70 Cumberland Peter Ritson Disturbed from beech arch
17 Jun 2018 Small Magpie 1 Adult Garden Ulverston SD287766 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace Overcast. Late afternoon
13 Jul 2017 Clouded Magpie 1 Adult Great Wood, Borrowdale Keswick NY271214 VC70 Cumberland Tony Marsh Clouded Magpie Moth. On footpath just South of the Car Park 10556.jpeg
7 Jun 2017 Magpie 1 Adult Stanwix garden Carlisle NY402572 VC70 Cumberland Martin Keiller
6 Aug 2016 Magpie 2 Adult Finglandrigg Wood Kirkbampton NY283571 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy In the picnic area by the car park
25 Jul 2015 Small Magpie 1 Adult Back Lane Chapels SD236839 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace
11 Jul 2014 Magpie 7 Adult Low Ploughlands Kirkbampton NY272562 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy Seven Magpies found day-flying along Robb's Lonning - despite (...) 944.jpeg
9 Jul 2014 Magpie 1 Adult Clifton Cross Clifton NY528277 VC69 Westmorland Brian Snell Magpie #new
1 Jun 2014 Small Magpie 2 Adult Low Crosby Carlisle NY445593 VC70 Cumberland Paul Kennedy Small Magpies in nettle patch by the River Eden #new