Cumbria Day-Flying Moth Sightings: Straw Dot

There have been significant changes to the restrictions brought in to reduce the spread of coronavirus. It is now possible for butterfly and moth recording to resume for people who are not shielding or self-isolating. Recorders must, at all times, continue to observe social distancing guidelines. If you have coronavirus symptoms, or if you or any of your household are self-isolating, you should stay at home. Although travel restrictions within the UK have now been lifted, local restrictions may be in place as a response to coronavirus outbreaks. Please check for and comply with any local restrictions when planning or undertaking recording activities. More information can be found on the Butterfly Conservation website.

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Date Species Number Site Town Grid Ref. V. County Recorder Comment Image
31 Jul 2020 Straw Dot 1 Kingsmoor Sidings Carlisle NY385577 VC70 Cumberland Ian Tallon & Mike Roberts
9 Jul 2020 Straw Dot 1 Cummacatta Wood Keswick NY255164 VC70 Cumberland Anthony Marsh
9 Jul 2020 Straw Dot 1 Brigsteer Park Wood Brigsteer SD485880 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon 17.10-18.30 Mostly overcast
6 Jul 2020 Straw Dot 1 Borrowdale Westmorland Kendal NY569029 VC69 Westmorland Roger Fellows Looked very fresh
26 Jun 2020 Straw Dot 1 Kings Meaburn Penrith NY615217 VC69 Westmorland David Nattrass 1 seen in this hay meadow during sunny weather - a 1st for me - (...) 27166.jpeg
23 Aug 2019 Straw Dot 1 Ormsgill Slag Banks Barrow-in-Furness SD192712 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace 19-21c. Sunny spells, breezy.
19 Aug 2019 Straw Dot 2 Kentmere Lake Staveley NY454028 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon 12.00 -12.50
18 Jul 2019 Straw Dot 2 Grizedale Forest Grizedale SD333966 VC69 Westmorland Tom and Felix Fitter
7 Jul 2019 Straw Dot 2 Flashbank Wood Brigsteer SD485857 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon
7 Jul 2019 Straw Dot 2 Park Wood Brigsteer SD486876 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon 21030.jpeg
1 Jul 2019 Straw Dot 1 Park Wood Brigsteer SD478872 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon 20544.jpeg
16 Aug 2018 Straw Dot 2 Bowness on Solway Nature Reserve Bowness-on-Solway NY206617 VC70 Cumberland Ian Tallon 1.30 pm - 3.10 pm
2 Aug 2018 Straw Dot 1 Howe Ridding Woods Witherslack SD434879 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon 2.15-3.45pm Overcast
30 Jul 2018 Straw Dot 2 A685 road verge Kirkby Stephen NY715045 VC69 Westmorland Dave Wainwright
11 Jul 2018 Straw Dot 1 Foulshaw Moss Witherslack SD465825 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace
2 Jul 2018 Straw Dot 1 Cavendish Dock Road waste ground Barrow-in-Furness SD205684 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace Old. 80 min walk. 26C
1 Jul 2018 Straw Dot 7 Waitby Greenriggs NR Kirkby Stephen NY760082 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon
10 Aug 2017 Straw Dot 2 Burns Beck Moss NR Sedbergh SD598882 VC69 Westmorland Helen Wallace 40% sun.
3 Aug 2017 Straw Dot 3 Smardale Gill Kirkby Stephen NY726068 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon Overcast, breezy
25 Jul 2017 Straw Dot 3 Howe Ridding Woods Witherslack SD435878 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon
16 Jul 2017 Straw Dot 3 Augill Pasture Brough NY818146 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon 12.10 - 13.25 Breezy
16 Jul 2017 Straw Dot 2 Waitby Greenriggs NR Kirkby Stephen NY760085 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon 14.30 - 16.45 Breezy
6 Jul 2017 Straw Dot 1 Potter Fell Burneside SD520992 VC69 Westmorland Sue Shiels Humid and sunny
30 Jun 2017 Straw Dot 1 Arnside Heathwaite Arnside SD448768 VC69 Westmorland David Gower
24 Jun 2017 Straw Dot 2 Latterbarrow Nature Reserve Witherslack SD440827 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon from 2.30-4.00pm
11 Aug 2015 Straw Dot 1 Arnside Knott Arnside SD449772 VC69 Westmorland Ian Tallon Straw Dot Dull day but fairly warm pm