Cumbria Day-Flying Moth Sightings: Riband Wave

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Date Species Number Site Town Grid ref. Recorder Comment Image
8 Jul 2018 Riband Wave 1 Outhouse Ulverston SD287766 Helen Wallace I think this is a riband wave? 14824.jpeg
27 May 2018 Riband Wave 1 Farrer's Allotment Witherslack SD457858 Tom and Felix Fitter
8 Jul 2017 Riband Wave 1 Latterbarrow Nature Reserve Witherslack SD440828 Sarah Mitchell
13 Jul 2016 Riband Wave 1 Kingmoor North NR Carlisle NY386600 Paul Kennedy Id takes into account the distinct kink in the third crossline (...) 6068.jpeg
16 Jul 2015 Riband Wave 1 Ulverston house Ulverston SD288782 Helen Wallace Riband wave on my front door.