Cumbria Day-Flying Moth Sightings: Spring Usher

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Date Species Number Site Town Grid ref. Recorder Comment Image
14 Jan 2019 Spring Usher 5 Finglandrigg Wood Kirkbampton NY274563 Paul Kennedy The photo shows four of five Spring Usher moths found no more (...) 17764.jpeg
5 Jan 2019 Spring Usher 2 Miltonrigg Wood Brampton NY558608 Paul Kennedy Two Spring Ushers found about 20m apart on fenceposts at the (...) 17762.jpeg
28 Dec 2018 Spring Usher 1 Borrowdale YHA Rosthwaite NY254142 Tony Moverley Attracted to outside lights of Youth Hostel; on window. 17760.jpeg
11 Mar 2018 Spring Usher 1 Gelt Woods Brampton NY523591 Paul Kennedy Female Spring Usher? Size (roughly 7mm long), length of wing (...) 12635.jpeg
18 Jan 2018 Spring Usher 1 Kingmoor South NR Carlisle NY388579 Paul Kennedy Spring Usher? It doesn't look much like the one found last (...) 12620.jpeg
12 Jan 2018 Spring Usher 1 Low Ploughlands Kirkbampton NY279567 Paul Kennedy Perched on a fencepost at the woodland edge. A nice find so (...) 12619.jpeg
25 Jan 2017 Spring Usher 1 Finglandrigg Wood Kirkbampton NY275564 Paul Kennedy Spring Usher Identification agreed by MC 3 Feb 2017 8143.jpeg