Butterfly and Moth Species Found in Cumbria

Forty-one butterfly species are found in Cumbria. Some are common, others not so common and a few others are relatively rare migrants seen only in 'good' years.

The table below lists the Cumbrian butterflies with access to a brief description, a photograph and suggested localities to see them.

The Flight times are drawn from butterfly behaviour in Cumbria using data held by the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre at Tullie House.

Butterfly Name Scientific Name UK BAP Status
Brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni Low
Camberwell Beauty Nymphalis antiopa Not Listed
Clouded Yellow Collas croceus Low
Comma Polygonia c-album Low
Common Blue Polyommatus icarus Low
Dark Green Fritillary Argynnis aglaja High
Dingy Skipper Erynnis tages High
Duke of Burgundy Hamearis lucina High
Gatekeeper Pyronia tithonus Low
Grayling Hipparchia semele High
Green Hairstreak Callophrys rubi Low
Green-veined White Pieris napi Low
High Brown Fritillary Argynnis adippe High
Holly Blue Celastrina argiolus Low
Large Heath Coenonympha tullia High
Large Skipper Ochlodes venata Low
Large White Pieris brassicae Low
Marsh Fritillary Euphydryas aurinia High
Meadow Brown Maniola jurtina Low
Monarch Danaus plexippus Not Assessed
Mountain Ringlet Erebia epiphron High
Northern Brown Argus Plebeius artaxerxes High
Orange-tip Anthocharis cardamines Low
Painted Lady Vanessa cardui Low
Peacock Inachis io Low
Pearl-bordered Fritillary Boloria euphrosyne High
Purple Hairstreak Neozephyrus quercus Low
Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta Low
Ringlet Aphantopus hyperanthus Low
Scotch Argus Erebia aethiops Low
Silver-washed Fritillary Argynnis paphia Low
Small Blue Cupido minimus High
Small Copper Lycaena phlaeas Low
Small Heath Coenonympha pamphilus High
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Boloria selene Medium
Small Skipper Thymelicus sylvestris Low
Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae Low
Small White Pieris rapae Low
Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria Low
Wall Brown Iasiommata megera High
White-letter Hairstreak Satyrium w-album High

Species First Sightings in 2020

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Species Total Sightings Count Tables

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