Clouded Yellow


The Clouded Yellow is a migrant which appears in variable numbers nearly every year in southern counties. In years when it reaches Cumbria, usually in late summer, it is sometimes seen in good numbers. It is a strong flier befitting its migrant behaviour, but when it settles it is very approachable. It does not successfully breed here. The butterfly is a duller but stronger yellow than the male Brimstone and always settles with its wings closed. The spur on the Brimstone wing helps in distinguishing the two species.

Where to look

In a very good year it can appear anywhere but in other years it is more probable on the coast in the Furness area likely spots being RSPB Hodbarrow Reserve at Millom, SD181782: Eskmeals Nature Reserve, SD087943: Drigg Dunes, SD050985, Beckermet to Sellafield cycleway, NY015057 and the coast at Workington.

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When to look

August or September

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