The Gatekeeper is at the northern limit of its UK range in Cumbria and within the county it has greatly expanded its range. In the 80`s it was restricted to a few colonies on the west coast but since then it has colonised the Furness area widely and is expanding its range from here eastwards along the coast towards the head of Morecambe Bay and beyond. It is found in Grassland with plenty of bushes and scrub.

Where to look

The West coast continues to hold the largest numbers and most sites, but single individuals can appear around the Morecambe Bay area as well. Good sites are North Walney at Barrow, SD170724, RSPB Hodbarrow Reserve at Millom, SD181782 and Drigg Dunes, SD050985. Inland, it is found at Farrers Allotment, SD453856 and Arnside Knott, SD455774.

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When to look

A relatively late flying butterfly, late July to the end of August

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