Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary


Unlike its close look alike, the Pearl-bordered , the Small Pearl-bordered is much more common and widespread throughout Cumbria. In fact if you see a likely candidate other than in the broadleaved woodlands around Morecambe Bay then it is probable you have seen a Small Pearl-bordered . It will also fly in the Morecambe Bay woodlands so you need to be careful with identification in that area. The Small Pearl-bordered is most often seen in wet grassland where its preferred larval food plant, Marsh Violet grows. In coastal areas it will use other types of violet as well and probably also wild pansy. The Small Pearl-bordered will also colonise habitat at altitude, for example there is a good colony behind Gummers How on the south-east side of Windermere.

Where to look

Barkbooth Lot in the Winster Valley, SD416907: Smardale Gill CWT Nature Reserve, SD729072: Finglandrigg NNR, NY283572. However, probably the best place is at Drigg Dunes, SD050985 on the coast.

Record distribution and images.

When to look

Mid-May until early July

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