Cumbria Branch Survey Involvement

Netted Carpet Moth Larval Survey - week commencing 6th September 2021

netted_carpet_larva.jpgJohn Hooson, National Trust Northern Region’s Wildlife Adviser, and with a special interest in this iconic Cumbrian species, seeks volunteers for this survey, almost all conducted in spectacular lake side locations. John writes “After missing the caterpillar survey last year I’m keen to make sure that we cover the core sites (Coniston & Derwent Water), and hopefully others … If you have any time and inclination to join the survey you’d be most welcome, but I’d also be grateful for any assistance in motivating others to come and take part, especially those with sharp eyes and robust backs!”

It is likely that surveys will start on Monday 6th September and occupy most or all of that week. Please contact John at: if you feel you can help, even if only for part of the week.